Welcome to Halle and Harper Treats.

Named in the memory of our beautiful Boxer Halle and inspired by our latest addition Harper, a boisterous Victorian Bulldog.

Harper had wonderful breeders who packed her a going home bag of treats and inside were delights that were very soon devoured.  There were rabbit ears and fish fingers, pig snouts and chicken necks amongst the contents but nothing beats a chicken foot as far as Harper is concerned!!

I’m a busy mum of two teenagers and I decided I needed a subscription service that offered all the treats my pup liked, to be delivered each month, but after a lot of searching online I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for so I decided to start my own service.

For your peace of mind:  We are fully insured and all our items are sourced from UK wholesalers.  We store items in catering food storage containers and we are using Face masks and hand sanitiser whilst packing your items and between orders.  

We do not manufacture, bake or make, any of the items you receive from us